Trusted Names with Stellar Events

Martin Sports and NERDitudes, names known in the sim racing community, have come together to produce some big racing events. Events that not only shed light on the great racing community but also to what all the brands affiliated with Martin Sports and NERDitudes have to offer, truly making these events beneficial for everyone involved.

Big Events, Big Money

The events created by Main Events are geared toward the community, both the drivers and brands involved with Martin Sports and NERDitudes. Each show has specified cash payouts to the drivers and top notch broadcasting coverage to promote each and every brand. With Main Events, everyone benefits in the right ways.

Competitive, fair payouts

At Main Events we strive to give as much back to the backbone of this competition director, the drivers. With payouts based on percentages to ensure that it is an even breakdown for each and every event with payouts reaching all the way to 10th place. Main Events utilizes any easy payment method portal with PayPal® for faster payout issuance.

Complete event coverage

Each event directed by Main Events is broadcasted live on NERDtv, by NERDitudes. Multicasted on Facebook and YouTube, each event reaches a vast audience respectively on both services. This also ensures that each driver, brand, and affiliate gets the maximum exposure possible whether it is a money event or a charity event.

Upcoming Main Events


Brands that make it Happen