Official Broadcasting

NERDtv is a gaming and simulation broadcasting provider, specializing in fully immersive broadcasts using the iRacing Motorsports simulation software. From the down and dirty, rubbing and racing ranks of dirt to the fast paced close action of paved oval NERDtv has you covered.

NERDtv coverage for a charity event

Do you or your league have a charity event being planned? Are you looking for broadcast coverage for this event, to reach a much greater audience? The NERDs at NERDtv humbly provide top notch broadcast production coverage at no charge. We will never make money off of the misfortune of others and will provide your event with the same great production value at no cost to anyone. Inquire today about availablity.


NOTE: Event coverage is based on (a) schedule and staffing availability and (b) discretion of NERDtv.