Nerdy Team

Nerditudes strives at compiling together the nerdiest group of gamers this side of the arcade. There is no limit to the size of our team, just as there is no limit to the imaginations that our nerds bring. We give the team the creative power to create content by doing what they love to do, game! Some nerds like being the center of focus by streaming content for Nerditudes, while other nerds like to support the streams by participating in live streams as additional players. Each and every nerd has a place and purpose with Nerditudes to give nerds around the world a little bit of attitude!

Streaming Nerds



Dustin Logston


Brandi Logston


Jeremy Stanley


Kenny Bishop


Dayton Logston

What the Nerds Use*


Supporting Nerds



Stream Supporter

Bryce Breiby


Stream Supporter

Ty Logston